English Mastiff
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31.1.2015...NorthernPaws Oscar Knighterrant
growing fast...almost 10 Kg and have a new home.
He will be living in Ottawa with Joanne, Dave and
Megan (in the picture with Oscar & Harley) & all the Knighterrant Mastiffs. His call name is BAXTER
Good luck baby boy in your new home !

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February 13....Dog show season start
Our Agata attending to the first show in this year in Lindsay. Judge : Mr.W.Gunn, and Agata is going BOS ! One more point toward to Grand champion :)
!!! There is only one WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW in New York !!!
         Am/Can Ch. Agata MastineuM Vengo Veridas
February 16-17, 2015
We are very happy and proud of our girl Agata, she is first dog from our kennel who enter "THE" show!
Agata was handled, by Jennifer Bittner, who did great job with her.
We did not get any placement, but Agata show realy nicely and just to be there was a honour !
It is Official :
Ch. Agata MastineuM Vengo Veridas

No.4 Mastiff in Canada 2014
We are very proud of our pretty girl she placed in top 5 dogs from coast to coast. Congratulation Agata, well done !
Agata in Canada 2014 001
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May 17, 2015....Happy Birthday ALSTON
Very first Birthday cake for Alston :), he is 5 years old. We are very happy
we have him and he was able to join our pack. Enjoy your cake and new toy..
before Agata will decide the toy is hers !
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June 11, 2015....Birthday girl GIA
Our pretty girl Gia is 4 years old today...time is going so fast I still remember when I saw her when she was just few weeks old. Your daddy Matysek will be proud of her. Happy Birthday sweetie and many more meat cakes for you to come !
July 20, 2015...Lots of Birthday celebrations :)))
Meat cake with No.3 for Harley & all the puppies from litter "M" are 1 year old !!!
Happy Birthday Harley & Marilyn, Marley, Monty, Mathis, Mirabel, Morticia,
Morty, Matylda, Maya, Maxie and Marysha. All the best to all of our pups and
lots of birthday cake to come
July 26, 2015...Oscar "Baxter" first show circuit and FIRST BLUE RIBBONS !
We were very happy to come see NorthernPaws OscarKnighterrant "Baxter" at his first show circuit. He is growing and looks like he will be big boy after his parents our Harley & Alston, they can be proud  of him and course we are too :). Baxter looks realy good, we are happy with his performance at the show and also we would like to thank to Joanne & Dave (Knighterrant Mastiffs) for great presentation of him.
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August 23, 2015....Last Mastiff Bday cake this year, Happy Birthday AGATA !
Our princess, love the cake, but what she loves more is new toys :). All of our dogs getting new toys for birthday and Agata always steel them, but this one is hers ONLY ! Agata enjoy your new toy and lots of play years to come. Happy 3th Birthday !!!
October 25, 2015....This will be black day in my calendar
We have very sad news, we loss our boy
Alston de Albis Rhapsody
(17.5.2010 - 25.10.2015)
Very un expected, very fast and shocking !
Just like a bad dream you wish to wake up from.
October 30 - November 1
Canadian Mastiff Club NATIONAL SPECIALTY 2015
held in Lindsay, Ontario
We canot wish for better weekend ! On Friday evening Agata get 1st place at
Halloween Costume contest as a Bumble-Bee. That was lots of fun to see all the Mastiffs dressed up and Sunday we go National Specialty !
BOB - Ch.Agata MastineuM Vengo Veridas
BEST PUPPY IN BREED - NorthernPaws Oscar Knighterrant
bred by us (Alston de Albis Rhapsody x Sunshine MastineuM)
What else, can breeder wish for...We are very proud of Agata & Oscar "Baxter" and we would like to thank to Joanne & Dave (Knighterrant Mastiffs) for great presentation of Baxter and
judge Mr.Edd Bivin for awarding our dogs !
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Alston spend with us only 13 months,
but he really touch our hearts big boy.
He fell asleep in my arms forever.
We will always love you and never
forget you. R.I.P.  ALSTON

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November...NorthernPaws OscarKnighterrant "Baxter"
We have great news. Puppy bred by us "Baxter" owned by Knighterrant Mastiffs, have his hips done by PennHip and here are the results : 11 months / 172 Lb (78 Kg)
LEFT - DI - 0.41, OA - non, Cavitation - NO, RIGHT - DI - 0.40, OA- non, Cavitation - NO. Laxity Profile Ranking : Hips are tighter then 80% Mastiffs.
We are very happy with this results. Congratulation Joanne & Dave, we hope Baxter will sire lots of beautiful healthy puppies in the future.