Bernese Mountain Dog
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12 March 2016...Scarborough Kennel Club dog show held in Orangeville
Our youngest berner Laila went around the show ring for a first time for points.
NorthernPaws Laila..senior puppy bitch class..1st,W,BOS
judge : Larry Kereluke (MB)
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April 27, 2016
We are very happy to announce we have litter of 6 healthy
puppies 3 boys and 3 girls born today. Aspen had a C-section,
and everybody's doing great. Whole litter is well balanced
in the weight and markings. We would like to thank to
Graham animal hospital & Dr.Alison Jones for awesome job.
Congratulation Aspen & Max they can be proud parents !
We have puppies
29 April 2016...Birthday boy Max
Time just flies so fast and from our cute puppy Max grow
handsome boy with great temperament. He is one happy dog
just every day. Enjoy your cake and your special day.
Happy 5th Birthday Max and many more to come !
23 May 2016....KW Kennel Club dog show held in Kitchener
Laila is going to school every week to get used to dog show process. How to stand, show the movement etc. but not today...we are going to actual show. She did well, just
she is not sure when judge want to see the bite :). Her movement is great and she don't mind to show that, but stand still and wait for the judge...that's boring for her. Still
a puppy in her :). I was meeting my handler Jennifer Bittner and she took Laila to USA to get her in the show mood. Will see how she will do there...for sure will be a good
training for her. Laila will mist her First Birthday cake home, but we will make up for it when she will be back end o July. Good luck our princess on US soil !
Monday show #1...judge : Ms.N.Popovich.....Senior puppy bitch class....2nd, RWB
Monday show #2...judge : Mr.M.Doherty.......Senior puppy bitch class....2nd, RWB
30 May 2016...NorthernPaws Jabel Pine... puppy from litter "BMD-J" (Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy" x Snowbiz Kain "Oak") just recieved her last health
certifications : Hips - excellent, Elbows - normal, Heart -normal, Eyes - normal, DM-N/N-clear and vWD - clear ! We are very happy with the results.
Congratulation to her owners Sandylane Kennel and hopefully she will have some day nice healthy puppies and passed on her great temperament
1 June 2016...Happy Birthday to litter "BMD-L" Laila & Laax (Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy" x Snowbiz Kain "Oak")
First birthday cake for our Laila will have to wait for her. She have another responsibilities now..she is touring USA, but we will make up for it when she return home.
Happy Birthday to both of you and we would like to thanks to Laax owner John & Michelle for great care of him. Happy first Birthday pups and many more to come !
11 May 2016...Happy Birthday to litter "BMD-J" (Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy" x Snowbiz Kain "Oak"
Time just flies by too fast I still rememer you like cute "little pups" Jabel Pine & Jasper and you are 2 years old today.
Happy Birthday babbies and many more to come! Big thanks belong to Sandylane Kennel (Jabel Pine) and
Lori & Dave (Jasper) for taking care of them and giving them loving homes !
June 18-19, 2016....Laila's first introduction in AKC ring handled by Jennifer Bittner and she did great !
Saturday...Bryn Mawr Kennel club (PA)..judge: Mr.Gerry K.Newton - class 12-18 months bitch...RWB (out of 12 bitches!)
Sunday.....Bryn Mawr Kennel club (PA)..judge: Mrs.Peggy Beisel Mcllwaine - class 1218 months bitch...2nd
We are very happy and proud of our Laila and big thanks belongs to her show mamma Jen!

Laila Bryn Mawr PA
June 30, 2016..Happy 4th Birthday to "BMD-A"
All the "pups" from litter A - NorthernPaws
Artic, Arber, Alex boys & girls Alpine, Avalanche and our yellow Aspen (Ch.Barnum du Bois d'Orlia x Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe) having their birthday cakes with  number 4 on it. We would like to wish you Happy Birthday and many more to come ! On the picture is our sweet Aspen with her yummy cake and new toy :)
July 27-28, 2016...Muskoka District KC dog show held in Bracebridge
This year we bring to this show team of 5 our berners : Lucy, Aspen, Laila, Gina & Tina and our baby baby puppy mastiff Koodo to cheer girls up. For Gina and Tina was very first
dog show and they did well as a baby puppies and of course we are very proud of our Laila. She become Canadian Champion handled by Jennifer Bittner. Here are the results :
Show #1...judge: Mr.J.Hodgkinson...Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy"-SEL, NorthernPaws ASPEN-2nd,RWB, NorthernPaws LAILA-1st,WB,BOB,
                                                         baby puppies NorthernPaws Careggine "Gina"-2nd and NorthernPaws Cortina "Tina"-1st,BBPIB and BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP !!!
Show #2...
judge: Ms.R.Walker...Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy"-SEL, NorthernPaws ASPEN-2nd,RWB, NorthernPaws LAILA-1st,WB,BOB and GR4
                                                   baby puppies NorthernPaws Careggine "Gina" and NorthernPaws Cortina "Tina"-1st,BBPIB and BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP !!!
Show #3...
judge: Mr.R.Lake...Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy"-SEL, NorthernPaws ASPEN-2nd,RWB, NorthernPaws LAILA-1st,WB,BOB
Show #4...
judge: Mr.L.Kereluke...Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy", NorthernPaws ASPEN-2nd,RWB, NorthernPaws LAILA-1st,WB,BOB and GR4
Congratulation to all of or dogs who compete in this show and big thanks belong to Jennifer Bittner for great presentation of our Laila. We have New Champion LAILA !
July 9-10, 2016...Huntington Kennel Club dog show held in Huntington WV Laila's tour in USA continue. Last two AKC dog shows before she will return home to Canada.
First day. Laila was a bit stubborn in the ring but the second day she did well and start her countdown to the american champion title with her leader Jennifer Bittner.
Show #1...judge : Mr.Joseph E.Gregory...class 12-18 months bitches...1st and Show #2...judge : Mr.Ronald I.Spritzer....class 12-18 months bitches...1st, W, OS...3 point major!
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August 13, 2016...Our handsome boy Max is daddy again.
We are very happy to announce Sandylane Kennel have new litter of 5 healthy puppies born, 1 boy and 4 girls sired by our Ch.Hassan od Zlateho Roxe "Max" HD-Good, ED-normal, OCD-normal, Heart-normal, Patella-normal, Eyes-normal, DM-N/N clear and dam of the litter Sandylane Lilac Lareva - HD-Good, ED-normal, Heart-normal, Eyes-normal, DM-A/N-carrier. All the puppies and mom doing fine. More info on
August 23, 2016....We loss our boy Ch.HASSAN OD ZLATEHO ROXE
This day will be forever written in my heart. We are totally devasteted we lost our boy absolutelly unexpected due to gastric dilatation and his stomach was completely rotated around the short axis in clocwise..that is what necropsy report say. He was my love at the first sign. I know one day I will have to add new button to this page "Rainbow Bridge" I just did not think will be that soon ...R.I.P. my baby boy Max we will miss you forever you were just one of the kind my lover boy !
August 25, 2016...Markham Kennel Club dog show
Our your youngsters Laila, Tina, Gina & mastiff Koodo for spin around the show ring. Was very hot and humid day,
but all of our team members did well and here are the results :
show #3...judge: Mr.R.Lariviere...Ch.NorthernPaws LAILA-SEL, NorthernPaws Careggine "Gina"- 1st & BBPIB
show #4...
judge: Mrs.V.Umpleby...Ch.NorthernPaws LAILA-SEL, NorthernPaws Careggine "Gina"-2nd,
NorthernPaws Cortina "Tina"-1st & BBPIB and of course we canot forget about our lucky charm mastiff KOODO
even though he is not berner both shows 1st & BBPIB. Congratulation to all of my crue well done puppies and
big thanks belong to our friend Trish for all her help and support.
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August 29, 2016...Lucy is grandma again !!!
Our Laila's older sister NorthernPaws Jabel Pine (Sowbiz Kain x Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe-litter "J") owned by Sandylane Kenel had born litter of 9 puppies - 3 boys and 6 girls sired by Helvetica Larix. All the pups and mom are doing well. Congratulation to both parents and best wishes. More about Jabel Pine you can find on her peronal page.
November 2, 2016...Our Max catch on Lucy and become grandpa !!!
Imier Idylle de NorthernPaws daughter of our Ch.Hassan od Zlateho Roxe "Max" & Ursanne Dimier had litter of 10 puppies (3 girls and 7 boys) sired by Ch.Barnum du Bois d'Orlia in her birth kennel Imier in Quebec. Congratulation Idylle & Barnum and of course to our dear friend and owner Nicole Racine !
December 3, 2016...Brantford & District Kennel & Obedience Club dog show
Our Laila attend to one of the last show of the year and she dis well. Best of Breed judged by Mr.Per Kristian Andersen and First Grand Champion point ! Congratulation Laila !
November 18, 2016...Happy Birthday Lucy !
Our first berner Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy" celebrating her 7th Birthday !!!
We are very happy we made the decision to get berner. That was a awesome choice and we would like to thank to her breeder Marie Kulhava kennel od Zlateho Roxe from Czech Republic for trusting us with her pup. Lucy is proud mama and grandma and sweetest girl ever. Happy Birthday Lucy and many more to come !
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