Bernese Mountain Dog
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January...We have new addition to our kennel SWEET LAAX TASMANKA ELITTE
We reserved this nice boy early in September 2016 after the tragic loss of our Max. I flew to Europe to visit my family
and at the same time go to Poland pick up this sweet boy. First few days he looks like he is getting buddy buddy with
my mom but when he found out who his mom is he did not leave my side...mama's boy:)..Even introduction home in
Canada went well. Welcome to our team Laax and hope you will be happy here ! We would like to thank also Laax
breeder Gosia Gryla Tasmanka Elitte for letting us to have this boy. I hope we make you proud overseas.
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April 27, 2017....Happy FIRST Birthday to our Litter "BMD-C"...
(Ch.Hassan od Zlateho Roxe "Max"& NorthernPaws Aspen "Aspen")
Our little cute pups growing up...They are alredy 1 year old. Time go by too fast,
but Max & Aspen can be proud parents. Happy Birthday to NorthernPaws CYPRESS Maxmilian, COOPER Dakota, CORRALCO Remmie, CRYSTAL Lola, CAREGGINE "Gina" and CORTINA "Tina". We would like to wish you Happy Birthaday babbies and many more to come and thanks to
all your families for giving you awesome homes and all the love!
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June 1, 2017....Another Birthday is here...Happy SECOND Birthday to our Litter "BMD-L"
(Snowbiz Kain "Oak" & Ch.Od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy") We would like to wish all the best to both
"pups" NorthernPaws Laax & Ch.NortherPaws Laila. From cute little pups are awesome dogs.
Enjoy your special day and many more to the picture Laila with her Birthday cake....
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June 30, 2017...Little bit of work for our berners...Bobcaygeon Kennel Club dog show held in Woodville.
Our team Laax,Tina and Aspen had some duties and Ben come with us like a good charm for our team. Tina did
great 2x WB,2x BOW and 2x BOB and of course 3 more points total toward her Ch. title. Aspen 2x RWB and
Laax? He definitelly entertain lots of people around and more likely get the most attention when I went to get fries
100m away from my car and Laax did not seem me so he went thru sunroof to have look for me. And the show?
First one he was not too impressed by judge, but second he did much better and get WD, BOS and BPIB!
June 30, 2017...One more Happy Birthday in this month to Litter "BMD-A". They are 5 years old today !
Proud parents (Ch.Barnum du Bois d'Orlia & Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe) will like to wish Happy Birthday to all
the puppies from our First litter NorthernPaws Avalanche, Alpine, Arber, Artic, Alex and of course to our pretty
girl Aspen. We would also like to thank to all the families who give to our puppies great loving homes ! Happy
Birthday pretty girls and handsome boys and many more to come !
May 11, 2017....This time cake with number 3 on for our Litter "BMD-J" (Snowbiz Kain "Oak" & Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe "Lucy").  We would like to wish
Happy Birthday to NorthernPaws Jasper "Bentley" and NorthernPaws Jabel Pine. Time just seams to go too fast. From cute little puppies are already grown up adults
handsome always happy Bentley and pretty girl Pine who is also proud mom already. Happy Birthday "pups" and many more to come. And big thanks belong to their
owners who are taking great care of them and giving them awesome homes with lots of love. Mom Lucy sending you big hug  and enjoy your special day !
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August 2-3, 2017...Muskoka District KC dog show held in Bracebridge. Our young team of berners Laax, Tina and Aspen
bring some points toward to their titles home. For the show 3&4 only girls went around the ring. Thanks belong to all the judges.
Show #1 judge : Mr.S.Shields...Laax 1st,WD,BOW,BPIB and BOB, Tina...2nd, RWB and Aspen...1st,WB and BOS
Show #2 judge : Ms.N.Tibben...Laax 1st, WD, BOW, BPIB and BOB, Tina...1st, WB, BOS and Aspen...2nd and RWB
Show #3 judge : Mrs.P.Lanctot...Tina...1st, WB and BOB, Aspen...2nd, RWB
Show #4 judge : Mrs.L.Bett...Tina...2nd, RWB and Aspen...1st,WB and for the first time BOB
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August 23.-24, 2017...Markham Kennel Club dog show held in Pickering. Our berner team Aspen, Tina, Laax and of course our lucky charm
mastiff Ben back in the show ring. Everybody get some points but our biggest surprice bring Laax. At the second show on August 23th first he been
awarded Best of Breed and Best puppy in Breed, then in the group when judge Ms. Barkey pointed on Laax and give him G4 and BIG we were
already ower the moon but biggest suprice come when he line up for Best Pupy in Show ....I still hear the words of the judge Ms.Kerrie Reeder from
Australia :" and best puppy in show is...Bernese Mountain Dog !" Smile on my face went ear to ear:) Our handsome boy
Sweet Laax Tasmanska Elitte
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ! Second day Laax add two more points and fully deserve Champion title front of his name.
Show # 1 judge : Ms.S.Lex...Laax 1st, WD, BOW, BPIB & BOB, Tina...1st, WB, BOS and Aspen...2nd, RWB
Show # 2 judge : Ms.S.Barkey...Laax 1st, WD, BOW, BPIB, BOB, BIG & G4, Tina...1st, WB, BOS and Aspen...2nd, RWB
Show # 3 judge : Mr. W.Byrne...Laax 1st, WD, BOW & BOS, Tina...2nd, RWB and Aspen 1st, WB
Show # 4 judge : Mrs. J.Byrne...Laax 1st, WD, BOW & BOS, Tina...2nd, RWB and Aspen 1st, WB
Congratulation Laax and would like to thank all the judges for awerding our dogs...we had great a couple of days !
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Best Puppy in Show
Sweet Laax Tasmanska Elitte
September 10, 2017...Georgina Kennel Club dog show held in Lindsay. First snow storm and we are on the way to dog show. We arrive 15minutes prior Tina's ring time, so no time
for anything. Tina was sleeping last 3 hours in the car so she is full of beans but practice made perfect...hopefully one day :). And here are the results
Georgina KC- judge Ms.D.Morris...NorthernPaws Cortina...Open Bitch Class...3th
Working Group Show - Mr.M.Gelinas...NorthernPaws Cortina...Open Bitch Class...1st, RWB
November 18, 2017...Very Happy Birthday tou our awesome girl Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe `Lucy``...8 years old today !
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Wow...time is going by and I dont even know how.
It is like yesterday when you were small cute puppy
and looked now still beutifull, happy and activ Lucy.
Awesome, Mom, Grandma and soon Great Grandma.
Happy Birthday our Super Girl and many more :)))