Bernese Mountain Dog
aspen & max 001
Sire : Ch.Hassan od Zlateho Roxe (Max)
Dam : NorthernPaws Aspen (Aspen)
Litter "C"
born 27.4.2016
3 girls & 3 boys
27.4.2016..... Puppies are here !
After few days waiting for Aspen to have puppies, we decided to take her to vet, to find out what is going on and just in time.
Puppies was ready to come out, but Aspen was not getting into labour. Decision-C-section..and here they are. First puppy out is
a boy and he gets green ribbon. All the puppies are doing fine and Aspen is too. She needs a bit of time to recover and realize
that the puppies are hers, but now she doesn't want to leave their side and she is great mom.
Baby Blue - boy 450g, Blue - boy 430g, Green - boy 460g, Pink - girl 410g, Red - girl 490g and yellow - girl, biggest puppy 500g
4.5.2016.....1 week old
All the puppies doing well. They eating, sleaping, crawling and making noises. When is feeding time, they fighting over
3 niples, even though Aspen have more then that, but I guess this 3 are the best :). During the week we went to vet for
dewclaws removal and our vet was happy with all litter. They are nice healthy puppies and growing every day.
20160502_124351W DSC06919W DSC06923W DSC06926W DSC06936W DSC06917W
20160507_075639W 20160508_125043W DSC07079W DSC07097W DSC07106W DSC07118W DSC07198W
11.5.2016....2 weeks old
Fun will begin soon. Puppies starting to walk around big litter box, they still don't have the legs coordination in order,
but that will come. Some of them have eyes already fully open and rest will have them open in day or two. First one
to see this world was yellow girl. Everybody are growing good, they double them birth weight. They love moms milk bar !
18.5.2016....3 weeks old
Everybody have them eyes wide open and exploring the litter box. "Running" around and looks like they slowly start to play
with each other and they teethinng. Poor mama Aspen she don't seems to be too enthusiastic with the feeding process
..pups are like small pyranhas:).
DSC07295 DSC07301 DSC07306 DSC07311 DSC07338 DSC07346 DSC07357
25.5.2016....4 weeks old
This week bring lots of new thinkgs for puppies. First meal from bowl..that was fun. In the begine looks like they eating nicely,
and on the end was mess everywhere, but they are getting better :). Introduction with our older dogs went well. Our mastiff Agata
is the best aunty in the world and love to play with little puppies. And of course beautiful weather bring some outdoor
playtime. Everybody pretty much double the weight from last week, we are very happy. Pups are growing and having fun :)
DSC07360 DSC07419 DSC07444 DSC07454 DSC07497 DSC07507 DSC07514
DSC07865 DSC07910 DSC07939 DSC08010 DSC08026 DSC08032 DSC08038
1.6.2016....5 weeks old
Seems like summer is here. Pups spend lots of time outdoor if is not too humid, play with our older dogs and already have
few human visits..our friends and new potential parents. Puppies slowly pay attention to sounds and suroundings,
practicing to come to you if you get them attention and most importantly have fun. Eating variety of food and chasing mom
Aspen for milk. We are growing like weed !
8.6.2016....6 weeks old
Colder days are back, puppies still go outside, just not for long, but they don't care, they have fun park inside too. Tubes to
go thru, balls, toys and of course company of our older dogs. Just mom Aspen can't play with them, because when they see her,
they don't want to play anymore...Milk bar that is what they see:). Some of them meet them new future families. Time go by fast
and they will be leaving us soon, so we enjoying every minute with them...pups are fun.
DSC08313 DSC08339 DSC08352 DSC08372 DSC08389 DSC08393 DSC08404
Cypress Maxmilian
Cooper Dakota
Corralco Remmie
Name CYPRESS come's from Cypress Mountain. It's a ski area in British Columbia
Name COOPER came from Ski Cooper
which is an alpine ski resort in Colorado
Name CORRALCO come's from
Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort in Chile
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Crystal Lola
Name CORTINA come's from
Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy's most stylish ski resort
DSC08596 DSC08667 DSC08709 DSC08721 DSC08796 DSC08868 DSC08896
15.6.2016....7 weeks old
Pups are having fun...indors, outdoors..just everywhere. Best play buddies are our mastiffs, they let them crawl over them, jump
on them climb over like over the mountains.  Past week they had few more visits to meet them new families, so very busy week
for our puppies. All of them are very outgoing with people or another dogs, they like to eat, sleep and play..what a life:)
Name Crystal come's from Crystal Mountain and alpine ski area in the Cascade Range of Washington USA.
22.6.2016....8 weeks old
Nest will be slowly empty, all of our puppies will be leaving to them forever homes. We are very happy all the pups are healthy
and we tested all the females from this litter for Degenerative Myelopathy and they are clear. Last playtime everybody and first
to say good bye was baby blue boy. We will miss you all! We would like to wish you long happy life with new loving family and
we will be happy to see pictures how you growing up. Last kiss from mom Aspen & dad Max and good luck babies !
DSC09323 DSC09606 DSC09632 DSC_0065 DSC09572 DSC09585 DSC09420
Last time all together
Name Careggine come's from
Careggine ski resort in Tuscany Italy.