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Our kennel use this specialized vetenarian clinic for reproduction and also our dogs getting examinated by the specialists for hip, elbow, sholders, patella and thyroid depending on the breed.
Our dogs getting examinated by cardiologist and ophthalmogist for OFA and CERF certifications.
Home kennel of our Max (Ch.Hassan od Zlateho Roxe) and Lucy (Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe) can see all of them siblings and parents.
Home kennel of our Harley (Sunshine MastineuM) and Agata MastineuM Vengo Veridas. You can see all of them siblings and parents.
All of our berners are registered in international Bernese Mountain Dog database.
The Canadian Kennel Club
is recognized as Canadian authority on purebred dogs. We are member of CKC and all of our dogs are registered.
The Canine Registration Foundation
Our dogs getting examinated by ophthalmologist and then cerificate and registered by CERF.
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
establishing control programs to lower the incidence of inherited disease. Responsible breeders have an inherent responsibility to breed healthy dogs. Our dogs getting certificate by OFA.
Federation Cynologique Internationale
all of our imported dogs are registered with the largest purebred dogs organization.
Friendly and patient photographer Hana visiting our kennel and taking pictures of our litters, puppies and all of our dogs on special occasions.
Jennifer Bittner is our show mom, worldwide professional handler who lead Agata to her success in AKC rings. She taking good care of all the dogs and build special relationship with them .
Animal Genetics offers a variety of genetic testing services. DNA testing help us improve
the health of the litter by screening for genetic disorders. That is the acurate and
reliable way to dereminate genotype and possible genetic disorders.
Our dogs are in care of O'Sullivan Animal hospital, open 24 hours.
They are our "family vet"
Home kennel in Czech Republic of our Alston (Alston de Albis Rhapsody)
You can see more details about the parents
Imier kennel Nicole Racine in Qubec, is the owner of
Ch.Barnum du Bois d'Orlia
sire of our litter "A" Bernese Mountain Dog
NorthernPaws OskarKnighterrant (Alston de Albis Rhapsody x Sunshine MastineuM)
bred by us, litter "O" English Mastiff find his home in Knighterrant Mastiffs in Ottawa.
Sandylane kennel is the owner of
Snowbiz Kain - sire of our litter "J" Bernese Mountain Dog and puppy bred by us
NorthernPaws Jabel Pine (Snowbiz Kain x Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe) from this litter.