Bernese Mountain Dog
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Lucy & Oak litter 2015 001
Sire : Snowbiz Kain (Oak) Sandylane kennel
Dam : Ch.Fergie od Zlateho Roxe (Lucy)
Litter "L"
born 1.6.2015
1 girl & 1 boy
1.6.2015....5:35 pm first puppy is out :)'s a girl, everything looking normal, she is a bit smaller, but very pretty. Lucy is  good mom, she take care of her baby and we waiting for rest to come out, but Lucy looks like she is done...on the end we end up doing C-section. Puppy boy just feel comfortable and no rush to come out. The most important think is Lucy and both puppies doing good. We would like to thanks to Dr.Alison Jones and the staff of Graham animal hospital in Hillsburg for great care of Lucy and babbies in night hours.
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        boy...470g                      girl...400g
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8.6.2015....First week of life. Both pups doing great, eating, sleeping and crawling around the box. Lucy is making sure, they have everything what
they need ...she is a awesome mom. And of course
we gain some weight..girl...760g and boy 1040g
15.6.2015....Looking at the world. Baby boy "Laax" have
his eyes open and his sister "Laila" taking her time.
They start to be a bit more active and getting difficult to take
the pictures and of course we like mom's  milk and getting bigger
and bigger every day.Laax...1.6 Kg and Laila is not far behind 1.4 Kg
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NorthernPaws Laila
Laila Peak is a mountain in Hushe Valley near Gondogoro Glacier in the Karakoram range. Located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, it has an elevation of 6,096 metres

NorthernPaws Laax
Situated in the Swiss Alps, two hours south-east of Zurich, lies the resort of Flims Laax - a national treasure that was known only to very few outside of Switzerland itself but is now rising fast up the list of favoured ski resorts.
22.6.2015....We are 3 weeks old. Both puppies
have them eyes open and discovering everything around them. They get inroduced to our older dogs and trying
to play with them. Slowly getting understanding how to move all 4 legs to walk :).  And of course we gain some weight Laila...2.4 Kg and Laax...2.6 Kg.
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29.6.2015....Lots of new adventures.
Puppies was first time outside and they are
curious about everything. Playing with our
older dogs and looks like they having great time.
They also had a first meal ...not just a milky bar from mom, but that is still the best, any time they see Lucy, they want milk. Weight check...Laax 3.7 Kg
and Laila 3.1 Kg at 4 weeks.
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6.7.2015...Playtime begun ! Puppies loving the outdoor time, play with older dogs and explore everything around them. They are a litter buggers, steeling big toys from our dogs and trying to do everything what they monkeys. Is fun to watch that. They will be for sure well socialized :).Seams like they are just growing in front of your eyes. Laax 4.9Kg and Laila 3.9 Kg.
13.7.2015....6 weeks old already ! Every day is something new. They getting involved in big dogs wrestling games, trying to dring water from them big bowl and playing hide and seek with each other, too bad they canot stay outside longer, because is too hot and them tick coat does not allow them to. Weekly weight check : Laax 5.9Kg and Laila 4.8Kg.
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20.7.2015....Laax meet his new family. Begine of the past week Laax had visit and introduction with his new mom and dad.
He is usually very outgoing, but when they come over, he seam to be shy and only think what he want to do was sleep.
Laila was running around and Laax was showing look how good puppy I am...I just sleep or looked me, I'm boring take her...
not sure what was it :). This will be the last week all of them together. Laax 7.2Kg and Laila 6Kg
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Laila, Lucy & Laax
24.7.2015...Laax is leaving. Both pups went to see our vet and get the first set of vaccination. They are both healthy. On Monday they will be 8 weeks, but Laax leaving already. Will be better for him to come to new home Friday, so he will have all weekend to get use to his new daddy and home. Good luck baby boy, we will miss you. Laila staing home, she join our team, she will be our future :)
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Call name - Laax
weight in 7.5 weeks
7.9 Kg / 17.41 Lb
Berner Garde
Call name - Laila
weight in 7.5 weeks
7.0 Kg / 15.43 Lb
Berner Garde
No# 124016